Evan Cantor, fine art & music
Evan's Book!!!!!!
Evan's book is finally available:  "Rogues' Gallery: My 27 Years At Rocky Mountain University".  You can find it (and buy it) at Amazon.com--just search for his author nom-de-plume, "T. Winston Mojo".
It's a Kerouackian journey into the smallness of the bureaucracy, a true tale of madness at the workplace.
Looking for Evan's Book?  Check out the little box to the lower left... everything you need to know is right there... everything....
Evan's new band, the CBDs, is up and running.  Sound recordings will appear soon!  In the meantime, they're on the calendar.

Welcome to Evan Cantor's Home Page.  Evan is one of those guys who want to do it all. Well, almost all.  This website tries to cover his stuff, from fine art & photography to music of many kinds.  I hope you have fun exploring here!  

You can see more about Evan (like a curricula vita) on the Me And My Stuff page.  There's a link there, also, to his artwork on Juniper Ridge's products.  There are other things you can click on as well.  You can see any number of outdoors slideshows by clicking on "Evan's Slideshows" page.  The other pages have lots of nice pictures, songs and even Youtube video.  Wow, I'm really moving up in this world, eh?  Get a little Click-Crazy.  Don't be shy...

Please Contact Evan via his e-mail address: 

Evan and his little friend played a Grateful Dead album night at Minglewood (unfortunately, Minglewood no longer exists... maybe there's one in Memphis still... )